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  • Team formerly known as Even Health
  • Mission Daybreak grand challenge third-place winner

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Cabana is adapting the evidence-based support group model for Veterans with high risk of suicide or who have attempted suicide. Cabana is a virtual reality-based platform tailored to address risk factors specific to Veterans, including combat trauma, separation from service, and readjustment to civilian life. Expanding access to crisis intervention services will enable VA to better support Veterans where they are—and as a virtual tool, Cabana can help VA and partners reach a greater number of Veterans, especially those in geographically remote areas. 

Connecting Veterans with peers

Many Veterans who have attempted suicide do not seek help due to the stigma and shame associated with their experiences, which are compounded by general mental health stigmas. By enabling participants to access support through various devices, including smartphones and VR headsets, and allowing for anonymous interaction with voice-masking features, Cabana makes mental health support more accessible and less intimidating.

The virtual support group connects Veterans with peers, increasing a sense of resilience and belonging among Veterans who have attempted suicide. At the end of the eight-week program, Cabana connects Veterans with local partners, promoting access to treatment and maintaining the sense of belonging found during the sessions.

What comes next: Building a coalition to support piloting

Cabana is now working with a range of VA representatives to support pilot study recruitment and execution. The team is also identifying community partners to help Veterans following completion of the program.

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Are you a Veteran having thoughts of suicide or concerned about one?
Contact the Veterans Crisis Line for confidential 24/7 support: Dial 988 then press 1, text to 838255, or chat online.