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  • Mission Daybreak grand challenge finalist

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Vara Safety is improving responsible firearm storage with the goal of reducing gun-related injuries and deaths. Their firearm safe integrates smart features to provide Veterans with more control over their firearm access. The solution increases time and space between a Veteran and firearm during a crisis, while preserving Veterans’ need for fast access and protection. As suicide attempts involving firearms have an 85-90% likelihood of death compared with 5-10% for other methods of suicide, secure storage of firearms is critical to reducing Veteran suicide.

Providing trusted firearm storage during moments of crisis

Vara Safety incorporates interventions proven to help prevent suicide attempts alongside secure data storage. Their mobile app adds in a delay feature—activated when a Veteran is most at risk—and allows the Veteran to remotely invite a support member to help manage access to their firearm. Vara Safety developed the tool through research with Veteran customers to ensure it would be a solution Veterans would trust and use. 

What comes next: Testing the solution

Through Mission Daybreak, Vara Safety is building relationships with VA clinics and outreach programs to start initial pilot testing of its suicide prevention solution. Vara Safety completed a working prototype during the grand challenge accelerator.

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Are you a Veteran having thoughts of suicide or concerned about one?
Contact the Veterans Crisis Line for confidential 24/7 support: Dial 988 then press 1, text to 838255, or chat online.