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  • Mission Daybreak grand challenge second-place winner

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ReflexAI is providing scalable scenario practice experiences for crisis line responders, one of the most critical and time-intensive parts of training new staff. The artificial intelligence-powered tool and quality assurance model can help Veterans Crisis Line (VCL) trainees quickly develop hands-on experience through simulation training before they take real calls from Veterans in crisis. Every Veteran is different—and providing practice to help VCL trainees address those range of experiences and backgrounds is difficult to do at scale.

Helping responders develop hands-on experience

ReflexAI uses a three-pronged approach of simulation, feedback, and quality assurance. The result is a training program that can continuously improve quality and efficiency, enabling the VCL to serve more Veterans. The simulations of Veteran personas, powered by generative AI, span a wide array of common VCL interactions, offering responders consistent, high-quality, and repeatable practice sessions that are not possible otherwise. The tool also provides actionable and instantaneous feedback to trainees after completing each simulation run.

Through simulation training, ReflexAI supports responders in serving both Veterans and Veterans’ family and friends. The solution supports trainers by reserving their time for components that cannot be replicated using technology. All tools are hosted securely within the VA systems.

What comes next: Bringing ReflexAI to the VCL

ReflexAI is currently engaged with VA to fully deploy tools within training for new VCL responders as well as for the 1,200+ current responders, with skill refreshers on topics such as lethal means safety. In pilots with VCL leaders, training supervisors, and trainers, ReflexAI tools were evaluated and received high marks on all dimensions, including realism, impact on skill development, and user interest. Outside of their work with Mission Daybreak, ReflexAI also developed and launched HomeTeam, an interactive, online educational program to deliver peer support training to Veterans.

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